Feature: Fly Aweigh

Let me take you on an adventure today.

Fly Aweigh by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake

By air or by sea, this collection will take you on a journey.

The perfect blend of colors and design to make your next project pop.

I'm a sucker fro the rhythmic waves and cute little lobsters.

We currently offer this collection in Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes and two different 1-yd bundles.

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Over the Rainbow: Simply Sew Southern Pattern & Tutorial

We've been telling you that a tutorial was coming for this wonderful quilt...

...Well, the wait it over!  It has arrived!

Here is our debut of Over the Rainbow.

We have provided FREE step by step instructions with images to help you make a quilt just like this.

Finished Quilt Size is 70" x 96". {This is an Twin XL}

*scroll to the end to see details of supplies you would need to make this quilt.*

The Supplies I used
1 Jelly Roll - April Showers by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
1 Bella Solids Jelly Roll - Snow by Moda
Bella Solids Blue Jelly Roll strips {not pictures, I did not use the whole roll!}
Backing, Binding and Borders were all prints from April Showers as well.

*Read all steps before beginning!
*all seams sewn at 1/4 in.

Start by picking out 38 strips from your April Showers Jelly Roll {there are 40 in a pack so I opted to pull the print that I used for my big border and binding}

Start sewing all the jelly roll strips together, the long way :)
{*note, I kept my strips in the order that they came in the roll, made the rainbow effect much easier, but you can order the strips however you desire}

Now they are all sewn together and you are done with your one big quilt, kidding!

Now, make sure you go through and iron all your seams open, trust me, you'll thank me in the next few steps.

now take your sewn & ironed jelly rolls to your cutting area and cut from top to bottom, 5 inch strips.
{*make sure you are doing this straight!!!!}

Cut 8 of these 5 inch strips.

Ahh, aren't they so pretty all in a row {and what a time saver to sew the whole jelly roll first than cutting them all in 5 inch strips and sewing, right?!}

Now you add the cream sashing in between each row and on the top and bottom.  You will need a total of 22 - 2.5 inch strips for your sashing.

*I found it easiest to fold each new column over on top, like this to make sure I was sewing my strip on straight.

Iron, iron, iron.

Now your quilt should look like this.

*be careful not to pull or push when sewing the sashing on or you might end up having your seam ripper be your best friend, like I did... oops!

Now you need 7 - 2.5 in strips of blue for your outside border.

To make it look uniform, add the top/bottom sashing after the side sashing {or visa versa}...just do  the same on each sashing and border.

Now add your final border.
Cut 8 - 6.5 inch strips from the red dot fabric.
Sew on and iron.

Now you have your finished quilt top!

Now, pick your backing and batting and quilt.

For my backing I used 5.5 yds of fabric {sewn on a vertical seam} and used my extra jelly roll strips for a scrappy back.

Then add your binding {8 - 2.5 inch strips} and you are done!

L: April Showers by Bonnie and Camille for Moda  

R: It's A Hoot by Momo for Moda {no longer in stock, sorry!}

Supplies needed to make your own, Over the Rainbow, Twin XL: {based on 44 in wide fabric}

5/8 yd binding {cut 8 - 2.5 in strips}
1.5 yds for 6 in border {cut 6 -6.5 in strips}
1/2 yd for 2 in border {cut 7 -2.5 in strips }
55 in---a little more than 1.5 yds...easy to just get in a jelly roll---for sashing {cut 22 -2.5 in strips}
*1 Jelly roll {cut 8 -5 in strips from 38 jelly roll strips, a total of 304 - 2.5 x 5 in strips}
            -- not everyone likes jelly rolls, so we made the math on this quilt simple to switch and use 4 charm packs or 1 layer cake.
           -- charm packs, still select 38 prints from the pack and cut in half.  making your 2.5 x 5 in strip until you have 8 {two from each charm piece from 4 charm packs}.
           -- layer cake, still select 38 prints from the pack and cut in half vertical and horizontal, making 4 - 5 x 5 squares. Then follow charm pack steps.

*It's easy to change up the sizing on this quilt simply by adding or subtracting rows/columns.

Hope you all enjoy!

NEW ARRIVAL: Technicolor by Emily Herrick

Technicolor by Emily Herrick combines a variety of modern geometric shapes and eclectic colors.  The turquoise, fuchsia, navy blues and bright greens will work well for a modern and chic home décor look or a unique quilt.

On Sale Now.

 Rocket Age by October Afternoon for Riley Blake


Milk Cow Kitchen by Mary Jane for Moda

Merriment by Sentimental Studios for Moda

 Ducks in a Row by American Jane for Moda

 Pine Fresh by Sandy Gervais for Moda


We are excited to introduce one of my most favorite lines for Cotton and Steel by Sarah Watts.  I can’t even put into words how beautifully unique this line is.  August takes us on a safari ride through the African Plains where we visit majestic lions lying in wildflowers and grasslands, antelopes and authentic shapes and designs.  The navy blues, aqua, coral and teal perfectly compliment the dandelion yellows hidden throughout the fabric.   

Utilizing your Scraps

I've been on a 'scrap' fix lately.
Possibly because I have so many scraps piling up that I want to be able to use them {and obviously make room for more!}

So here is a great suggestion,

Baby quilts!

They don't take much and so your scraps can go a long way!

{photo source here}

And a new found favorite thing of mine, Scrappy backing!

Here is a sneak peak of a project I did to show you, that I did my very first scrappy backing!

Happy Scrapping.

NEW ARRIVAL: Hatbox by Alexia Abegg

Hatbox by Alexia Abegg takes us on a cross country sight-seeing journey with wildflowers, animals and the beautiful colors of nature.  The aqua, different shades of pink and navy blues are represented through quirky designs.  Hatbox is perfect for quilting, purses, clothing and home décor accents.  

You Spoke and we Listened

You spoke and we listened.  Last night we sent out a giveaway asking what you like and what you would like to see changed.  Our number one thing that we heard was you said you would like to see a collage to go along with what you are purchasing so you know what you are recieving.  Duh?  Who wouldn't want to know that?  Well guess what?  Due to computer programming (don't ask me, I don't get computers) we have not been able to add a second picture for months but after you guys spoke I called my computer guys and had them work through the night.  Literally.  They are exhausted now so we need to let them rest but they did it!!! They were able to finally get us a second picture.  We are working on a third picture (showing more in depth and in detail pictures) but once again this takes computer talk that I know nothing about.  Bottom line, I am so excited because we finally have a second picture so you can actually see what you are purchasing.  Let's give a big harrah to our awesome computer guys.  I sure do luv ya.


Feature: Speedster

Do you have the need for speed?
Well you are in luck, we have the perfect line for that adrenaline junky!

Speedster by The RBD Designers for Riley Blake

This is one of those fantastic boy lines that would be a perfect set up in your little guy's room.
Give your boy the comfort of a Speedster quilt and he'll have sweet dreams of races and adventure!

You can't go wrong with red and navy!

Head on over to our shop today and you'll find Speedster available in Fat Quarters

But you need to be speedy {you like what I did there?} Speedster is running out, get yours while you still can!

Art Smock Tutorial

Today's tutorial comes to us from a spotlight of U Create Crafts on the Riley Blake Desgins Blog.

I don't know about you, but I have loved my smocks I have used from Ikea for my kids, but they have quickly out grown them.

So, I give you this:

Art Smock Tutorial by U Create

Darling right?

Well head on over to the link above to get some great step by steps {with my favorite, lots of detailed pictures, like this!}

And let your little Picasso go, in whatever clothes they want to create in!

 {above photos: source}

Want even more Art Smock Tutorial fun?

Check out these fun spins on your typical Art Smock.

{photo source here}

These are even reversible!

So go ahead, get messy and create this cute craft!