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Rainbow Baby Quilt Top Tutorial for Beginners

We are excited to share this tutorial with you because it's so cute yet so simple.  If you're a beginner, I know it may be intimidating to make a quilt but trust me when I say that this is the best tutorial to start with.    I remember when I first began quilting, I would get too ambitious and choose tutorials that were too advanced for me, then give up half way through.  My husband would walk into the room and I'd be lying in a heap of fabric, wiping my tears of frustration with the scraps I messed up on.  We've all been there, right guys...right?  Well, if you haven't been there, then you must be a beginner and I'm saving you from all your frustration with this simple tutorial.

Want to get this Kit?  Go HERE.

Materials Needed: 
  •        White:  41 - 5 x 5”squares (1 Bella Solids white charm pack)
  •          Red:  2
  •          Orange:  4
  •          Yellow: 6
  •          Green: 4
  •          Blue: 3
  •          Light Blue: 2
  •          Purple: 2
  •          Ruler of some sort
  •          Fabric marker/pen
  •          Cutting board
  •          Rotary cutter
  •          ½ yard fabric for binding (we used yellow with white polka dots)
  •      Finished Quilt will be 36" x 36"

 *This entire project is sewn with a 1/4" seam allowance.

1)      From the squares that we sent you, pull out the white squares, 1 dark blue, 1 light blue, 1 purple and 1 red square

2)      To begin assembly, use a fabric pen to draw a diagonal line across all of your white squares.

3)       Match each white square up with one colored square with the right sides together (patterns facing each other)

4)      Sew on both sides of the line you drew, ¼’ from the line.  Repeat with all of your squares. 

5)      Cut each square on the line you drew between the seams using a rotary cutter and ruler.  You will now have two squares.

6)      Set the seam by placing the white side down (colored side facing up) and press the colored side to set the seam.

7)      Set the seam on the colored side, flip it over and iron the colored side down making sure the colored seam is to the colored side otherwise, you will be able to see the seam allowance.(this technique is good for when you are using a light color and a dark color like white vs. red)

8)      After you have ironed out the squares, trim your corners with a rotary cutter. 

9)      Separate all your colors into different piles (blue pile, orange pile, etc.)

10)   Refer to the chart below and make a pile for each row.  When you are separating your piles, your first charm in the row will be at the top of your pile and your last charm in the row will be at the bottom of your pile.

                                                  Row 1: 3 YEL, 3 ORA, 3 RED
Row 2: 1 GRE, 3 YEL, 3 ORA, 2 RED
Row 3: 2 GRE, 3 YEL, 3 ORA, 1 RED
Row 4: 1 BLU, 2 GRE, 3 YEL, 3 ORA
Row 5:  2 BLU, 2 GRE, 3 YEL, 2 ORA
Row 6: 3 BLU, 2 GRE, 3 YEL, 1 ORA
Row 7: 1 PUR, 3 BLU, 2 GRE, 3 YEL
Row 8: 2 PUR, 3 BLU, 2 GRE, 2 YEL
Row 9: 3 PUR, 3 BLU, 2 GRE, 1 YEL

11)   Sew each row of squares together starting with row 1(there will be 9 rows of 9 squares in each row).  When sewing the squares together, place 2 squares right side together (patterns facing up).  Make sure that all of your squares are facing the same way with the color side of one square lined up with the white side of the other square. 

Tip: Pin your label onto the first square of each row so you don’t get them confused.

12)   Press each individual row after sewing.   Make sure that you press the color away from the white

13)   Pin rows 1 and 2 together, matching all the seams with one pin in each seam and sew the rows together. Continue doing this for all of the rows.  To save from confusion, put a safety pin and a row 1 label in the top left corner of row 1 so that you will always know that that is the first row and the top of the quilt.

Tip #1:  The fabric may bunch up when you are sewing. If this happens, lightly pull your fabric as you are sewing and take your pin out right before the sewing needle hits the pin.

Tip #2: When sewing your rows together, sew one way with one row and then start on the other side with the next row and sew the opposite way.  Sew in an “S” shape.  This will help it lay nicely.

This is what your quilt top will look like after you have sewn all of the rows together. 

Go HERE to learn how to QUILT this quilt.

Go HERE to learn how to BIND this quilt.

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How to Create the Perfect Binding

What You'll Need:

-Half yard of fabric- We did a lap size quilt
-Ruler with 45 degree lines
-Rotary cutter
  1. Cut your half yard piece of fabric in half and stack the fabric back on top of each other 
  2. Get a ruler with 45 degree lines on it

3.  Cut at a 45 degree angle using a rotary cutter

4.  Cut the entire half yard piece of fabric in 2.5 inch strips on the 45 degree line

5. There will be a total of 16 strips

6.  Make sure all the strips have ends with a 45 degree angle
7. Cut the selvage edges off the ends
8. Connect all the strips and sew them together using a 1/4" seam allowance

9.  Iron the seams down flat.
 10.  Fold the strips in half horizontally and iron down.

11.  On the backside of your quilt, begin clipping down the binding with the open end of the fold on top and leaving a tail of 8 inches.  (Side note: These clips are amazing and so easy to use.  You can buy them on our website at: http://www.southernfabric.com/Wonder-Clips--Clover--10-CT_p_3853.html)

12.  Sew all the way down until you are a 1/2 inch from the corner and stop sewing.  Take the quilt off the machine.

13. Fold the binding strip straight up like this:

14. And fold the binding back down:

15.  Now you're ready to sew the binding on the next side of the quilt by starting at the top and sewing all the way down.  Continue sewing all sides of the quilt and sewing each corner the same as above until you get back to the side that you started on.

16. When you get back to the side that you started on, don't sew the two tail ends together.  Leave about a 6 inch gap between the ends.

17.  Unfold one of the strips and place the other strip inside that fold.

18.  Make a small mark with a pen 1/4" in on the bottom strip and cut on that mark at a 45 degree angle. 

19.  Sew the strips together like you did in step 8.
20. Iron the seam down. 

21.  Clip the binding to the quilt and continue sewing

22.  Fold the binding over the quilt top and clip it down.  Start sewing.

23.  When you get to the corner, it will begin to fold on its own.  
24.  Fold the side of the quilt that you aren't sewing over and pin the corner to form a mitered corner.

25.  Sew to the corner and then continue sewing on the other side of your quilt.  Sew all sides of your quilt repeating steps 23 and 24 when you get to the corners.  Here's what the sewed corner should look like:

26.  You're done sewing the quilt! You did it!!  Here's what the finished product should look like:  

Interviews with Designers Featuring: Boat House by Sweetwater!

The Boat House recently arrived and I haven't been this excited for a new collection in a long time.  The Boat House is a combination of all of my favorite colors and the ever so popular nautical themed designs.  I'm obsessed, to say the least.  With that being said, I'm sure you could imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to interview the amazing designer behind this gorgeous collection.  Sweetwater is a family run design company and they combine there creative minds to make beautiful collections.  Take a look at our interview to find out their background story and their inspiration behind their creations.  

Q:  What got you interested in becoming a designer?

A:  It seems like we have always been designing.  My mom started a business called Farmyard Creations back in the 80’s.   Through Farmyard Creations, she designed many sewing patterns both quilts and soft sculpture items.  She began designing fabric for Cloth works a short time later.  It is then that my sister and I got the idea to take her fabric designs and turn them into scrapbook paper.  We changed the name of our company to Sweetwater and we focused primarily on scrapbook products. After a few years, my mom missed being in the quilting industry and decided to attend a Quilt Festival in Houston.  That is where we met Moda and began designing fabric for them and designing quilt patterns of our own once again.

Q: How many collections have you designed?

A: We started designing fabric for Moda in 2008 and Boat House is our 14th line.  We have 3 more new lines after Boat House that will be coming out in 2015.

Q:  What would you consider your style to be with the fabrics you have created?  

A:  We always try to have a clean and simple feel when designing fabric.  We tend to stay away from busy prints and focus on keeping it fresh.

Q:  Is there an overarching theme with your different collections?  

A:  I would say text prints.  We love text and always try to incorporate text into our lines of fabric.   Each line of fabric has a text print that seems to be the focus print of the line. 

Q: How do you find inspiration for your next collection?

A: We always come up with a theme for our next fabric line.  Sometimes the theme comes easy, sometimes it is challenging.  The theme can come to us while shopping, looking online, or even oddly enough taking a shower in the evening.

Q:  What was your inspiration for Boat House? 

A:  Sweetwater loves red, white, and blue and one of my favorite holidays happens to be the 4th of July.  We wanted to have a fabric collection that exemplified our love of those colors and our great nation but could also be used by our foreign customers.  We think Boat House satisfied those needs and happens to be one of our most favorite collections.

Q:   What is the most rewarding part of being a designer? 

A:  Actually seeing something that you designed on a store shelf.  It is also fun and rewarding to see projects that our customers have made using our designs.

Want to know more about Sweetwater?  Go HERE to learn more about them.