Sophie's Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern

     I said months ago that I was working on this quilt and everytime I sat down and said I should have this done by this afternoon it would magically drag onto the next week and the next until before I knew it months had passed and it still was not done.  I am sure you can all relate.  So here it is months later and I am FINALLY done.

     We recently decided to start up our own pattern company called Simply Sew Southern, but just like anything else it takes a long time to get things rolling.  We have made five quilts so far and will hopefully be showing them to you soon, but just like the quilt above I always say I will have it done this afternoon and then life hits you.

     So, this is our first debut, the Sophie.  We have provided FREE step by step instructions with images to help you make a quilt just like this.
Finished Quilt Size is 62" x 74".

Choose 4 Charm Packs (Each Charm Pack will need at least 40 Prints), you will need 160 - 5" x5" fabric squares.  Choose 2 coordinating solid yardages each at 1 3/4 yards, one light and one dark.  This will be your border around each of the blocks.  I chose pink and white.  Your finished quilt size will be 62" x74" with a quarter inch seam.

Take your charm packs (you need to have 160 squares) and divide them into darks and lights until you have 80 on each side.  The pack that I chose had 20 different colors so you will see a repeat 8 different times for a total of 20 different prints, 10 light and 10 dark.

Take your light pile of and put your fabrics in the order you want.  You will just need to have five different prints on each side for a total of at least 10 different prints.  I did from light to dark again (kind of hard to tell), or you can do random.   It is completely up to you.

Do the same for your dark pile.  I just did this from red to blue.  You will just need to have five different prints on each side for a total of at least 10 different prints.  Once again this can be in a uniform or random order.

Now take your four piles (two dark and two light) and sew them together in chains of five.  You should have four piles five squares long and eight deep.

     Press, press, press.

     Cut your sashing.  You will need 24 - 2 1/2" strips of both the light and the dark.

You will need two pieces of sashing for each strip of five squares.  I put the dark sashing around the light 5 inch strips and

the light sashing around the dark 5 inch strips.

Sew together and press.  You will need to do 12 light and 12 dark for a total of 24 blocks.

Sew the light to the dark and intermix them each time so that you get a chain 8 across that looks like this.  Press, press, press.

 Make sure it has 8.  When you are all done you should have 3 chains of 8 blocks across.  

Take the chain in the middle and flip it around so the colors go the opposite way. Notice how the top and bottom left blocks have white sashing and the middle one has pink sashing.  I just flipped it around.  My picture only shows 5 across but it needs to be 8.  Make sure it is 8 blocks across.  Sew together and you are done.  It's just that simple.

Want to learn how to BIND a quilt?  Go HERE.


  1. Sweet,love the fabric and colors.exciting to see how your pattern company grow,

  2. This fabric is so pretty and if your other patterns are as attractive as the one you you are so generously offering your followers, your pattern company should be a huge success. Good luck and thanks for the free pattern.

  3. Rosemary B here!
    I want to make this right now!,,
    What a lovely idea
    Thank you so much for sharing it
    I am at my parents house now (my 91 year old twins) and I have such little time to sew
    But this looks like a great project
    Again, thank you for sharing today

  4. Terrific pattern, love that it will help me use some of my (too) many charm packs occupying shelf space. Quick and easy to boot! Thank you for sharing this free version.

  5. I'm so going to make this. I have a layer cake of this fabric I can use. I need to know how much sashing for each color and also how much for binding and backing, too?? Thanks for the free pattern!!

  6. Thank you! Great tutorial and beautiful quilt!!

  7. Just a heads up --- at the point in the pattern where you're asked to divide the 160 charm squares into one pile each of lights and darks, the instructions state that each pile should have 60 squares in it, but that's only 120... I'm thinking it was intended to be 80! {grin}